Company History

Founded in the year 1969 by MR. GLADNICK D’SOUZA. He was a talented electronic as well as mechanical engineer with the ability to develop creative solutions in the field of drums and percussion instruments.
We are a company dedicated to manufacturing the best musical instruments in the market. Our products are made with the finest expertise. WE use the best quality of raw materials our products,hence,we are a leading company in the manufacturing segment. Our products are used by all leading musicians in the industry and have reached all parts of india through our wide distribution network.
We also specialize in service for our products. Our trained staff can handle any problems pertaining to our musical instrumrnts which may arise.
Recently we have also started dealing in imported drum sets,cymbals and drum sticks.

Our Vision

Our vision is to take drums to the next level where we can say that we are the best in the industry and make our city, our state and our nation proud.

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